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Grow your small business

We help small businesses develop & implement successful sales and marketing strategies without breaking the bank.

Grow your small business with Meediax

Developing & implementing a sales and marketing strategy can be overwhelming for small businesses. Meediax provides a complete lifecycle marketing blueprint that can be tailored to individual business' needs. Our lifecycle marketing solution is a 4-step process of attracting interest, capturing leads, nurturing prospects, and making sales that will ultimately create a perpetual growth in your business.

Attract Interest

You can have an awesome product or service but if you aren’t attracting the right audience to it, it’s practically impossible to make a sale and grow your business.

Nurture Prospects

Prospects nurturing entails building valued relationships with qualified leads with the end goal of earning their custom when they are ready to buy.

Capture Leads

Create a lead magnet, such as a free report, coupon or giveaway, video training, to give to your website visitors in exchange for their contact information for further follow up.

Make Sales, Scale & Grow

Once all the processes above have been put in place, selling your products or services to your prospects when they are ready to buy becomes easy peasy.

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Marketing Resources

Download free marketing resources from Meediax for tips and ideas on how to attract more leads, convert leads to buyers & grow your business online.

SEO Studio

We have more than 30 unique, awesome & professional tools to help you with search engine optimisation for any website. Click the link above to check them out.

Webmaster Tools

Get access to a variety of professional online marketing tools to increase your productivity and make your daily tasks easier. All tools are free to use.

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