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Starting Local to Go Global

Ranking any website from scratch is tough, especially if you’re a brand new online magazine. But with the noble goal of helping young professionals, our clients were determined to succeed. There was just one catch – they wanted to target incredibly hard-to-rank-for organic keywords at the very beginning of the campaign. We convinced them to start local and build authority then target the more difficult organic keywords.

Building a Place Online for Young Professionals

Launched in 2016, the online magazine was founded by a professional in the news media
industry who had firsthand experience with the difficulties of starting a career. They realized there was a lack of actionable advice written by young professionals for young professionals. Our client started their online magazine with the purpose of providing a place where young people could read about the experiences of each other and gain
inspiration for a successful career.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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