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Increased ROI

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Increasing Google AdWords ROI

How we grew conversions and lower costs with a more targeted Google AdWords strategy.

Our client, an industrial storage supply company in our area, had an existing Google AdWords campaign in place but their strategy resulted in a cost of $38 per sign up and a whopping $17 per click – far too much money for far too few clicks. In September alone,  they spent almost $3,800 for only 217 clicks on their ads.

Catching Up with the Competition

Our client controlled a modest portion of the surprisingly large and competitive market for industrial storage supplies. They recently discovered why they have been unable to control more of the local market – their marketing efforts lagged far behind their competition, especially digitally. Their competitors were having marked success via digital
channels while our client primarily relied on conventional marketing. Realizing something
needed to change, they embarked on their own AdWords journey using well-intending internal marketing employees that just didn’t have the knowledge to effectively drive traffic that will affect their bottom line. That’s where we came in.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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