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7 Strategic Tips For an Effective WordPress Site in 2013

7 Strategic Tips For an Effective WordPress Site in 2013

As 2013 approaches, it’s the time of the year when businesses re-evaluate their marketing strategies in other to know what is working and what isn’t. The major portion of the strategy that should always be re-evaluated is the website. The reason for this is that the website is the “cog in the wheel” of your marketing strategy.

Every small business should consider using WordPress to power it’s website. This is because WordPress is the best Content Management System on the planet today. Other reasons to consider WordPress are:

  • It’s no longer just a blogging platform
  • It’s cost-effective and flexible
  • It has a worldwide community of developers
  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s secure and constantly updated

Having a WordPress powered website is more than just installing the script and activating a theme to use. There should be a strategy in place for an effective and successful website. Below are 7 strategic tips to consider when deciding to move your business website to WordPress.

Tip #1. Make the design professional

If you have great content to post on your website but the user experience is poor, then forget it. If you want your website to take advantage of all the benefits offered by WordPress out of the box, then you need to seriously consider hiring a professional to do the design for you. A clean and aesthetic design with user experience as a high priority will make a whole lot difference.

Tip #2. Perform keyword analysis

By performing thorough keyword analysis to find long-tailed keywords within your niche to use on your site, you can start generating traffic even before you begin to create your content. Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Wordtracker Keywords Tool are some of the free online tools you can use for your keyword research.

Tip #3. Create unique, targeted and consistent content

The effect of unique, targeted and consistent content can’t be overemphasised. People love content that is new, easy to read, educative and interesting and, on the Internet, they are spoilt for choice. Make your content fill this need on a regular basis, and your site’s traffic will continue to increase.

Tip #4. Make your site visually appealing

WordPress makes it easy to add visuals (images, videos, infographic, audio) on your website. When uploading your media in WordPress, you can enter a title and description for it for greater search engine optimisation. Take advantage of this feature and give your website a big boost.

Tip #5. Let plugins do the work for you

Another great feature of WordPress is its adaptability. You can extend the functionality of your site with plugins. Important plugins to look into include those for SEO, security, DB management, social media syndication, etc. These plugins can be installed and activated simply by the click of your mouse button.

Tip #6. Backlink, backlink, backlink

Always create backlinks to your older posts from your newly posted articles. Doing this helps bring old content to the fore and gives your audience a reason to stay, because they get to see other great content you’ve posted before. Internal backlinks help intensify traffic and bolster visitor retention.

Tip #7. Pay attention to broken links

Broken links have a terrible effect on your site’s user experience. A broken link is a break in the flow of your site’s viewing. This isn’t good for visitors and search engines. Make it a strategy to always check your site for broken links so you can fix them.


The above tips are by no means exhaustive. As different businesses have different types of sites with different strategic needs, you can develop and refine your strategy and processes based upon the tips enumerated above to kick start your marketing strategy in 2013.

  • really helpful and effective tips for beginner as well as for experienced ones